Hello There Bodacious Bio Students! I’m Ms. P.

I was a horrible student growing up and really needed other people to help me learn certain concepts. As I got older, and had better teachers and had study partners and asked more questions, I realized it really wasn’t me that was the issue. I am someone who just needs to see things from all different angles to really understand it. Now, I’m not saying I always have the best explanations. In fact, often times my students have much better ways of explaining something, because they understand what their classmates don’t understand. All I am saying, is that we often need lots of help, from lots of different people, to truly learn something.

I love to travel and eat, and most of all I love hanging with my family. We have a great time together and laugh often. We just try and find the joy in every day. It’s not always easy believe me! That’s why I said we “try,” because that’s all anyone can ever be expected to do:)

It is my desire to make biology fun and understandable for you this year. Let’s start with a list if things I need to do. Then, we’ll add your list.

My list of successful strategies for teaching biology

Based on my current 12 years of experience

My List:

  1. Be awesome!
  2. Teach in small manageable chunks.
  3. Reteach, in a different way with different visuals, any concept you don’t understand.
  4. Be awesomer! (not a word…don’t use it)
  5. Give you feedback in a timely manner, within 2 days of you handing it in, that helps you better understand what you need to do to get full credit.
  6. Let you work and rework any assessment until you get 100%.
  7. Ask for feedback from to to help me be a better teacher.
  8. Be awesomest! (not a word…don’t use it)

Your list of successful strategies for learning biology

According to the Wise Ms. P.
  1. Be amazing!
  2. Set a schedule for yourself to do your daily work…and stick to it.
  3. Take and keep notes.
  4. Use my guided notes to help you keep notes.
  5. Use visuals for yourself in your notes (diagrams, sketches, models, etc.)
  6. Be amazinger! (not a word…don’t use it)
  7. Ask for help, via, email, text, or phone as soon as you need it.
  8. Rework any assessment until you get 100%.
  9. Read the feedback and apply it. If the feedback doesn’t help, then call me and let me know, so I can work on giving better feedback.
  10. Be amazingest! (not a word…don’t use it)