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Cells – Breakfast Cells Are Delicious!

Question????????: In 2020, the average American will consume 290 of this specific cell. Do you know what cell I am talking about?

2 Cell Types

Compare differences of Eukaryotes & Prokaryotes and give examples of each.

Complete this Venn diagram

Create a Venn Diagram like this in your notebook:) Get creative with it!

Cell Organelles

All cell organelles are important, but I want you to focus on these Nucleus, ER, Ribosomes and Golgi Apparatus. You need to know exactly what they do.

Play this –> Bioman cell game <– Then create an information organelle diagram or a simple table in your notes including the function of each.









Cell Membrane Design & Function

The cell membranes job is to maintain homeostasis. Click –> homeostasis <–if you don’t know what it means.

Look at those Macromolecules Working Together to Keep Things In…or Out of Your Cells!

What you must know about the cell membrane.

  1. How cell membranes maintain homeostasis?
  2. What macromolecules compose it?
    • If you don’t know your macromolecules. Go –> here <– to learn them
    • Create a chart in your notebook
  3. How phospholipids and proteins are involved in Active and Passive cellular transport?
    • After completion you should be able to compare both types of transport, including the types of molecules that rely on each to move across the membrane.

Complete this Active Transport vs Passive Transport Hyperdoc

Let’s Explore Enzymes

Enzymes are essential for life and all cellular function, without them, life wouldn’t exist.

What you must know about enzymes

  1. What macromolecule is an enzyme?
  2. What is the job of enzymes in the body?
  3. How do enzymes reduce activation energy?
  4. What is the enzyme substrate complex?
  5. What factors can affect enzyme function?
  6. What would happen if we didn’t have enzymes in our body?

Complete this Enzyme Hyperdoc

Photosynthesis vs Chemosynthesis…and Cellular Respiration

For decades, we have known the connection between photosynthesis and cellular respiration, however, chemosynthesis is a fairly new development in science.




What you must know about these concepts

  1. How do photosynthesis and chemosynthesis compare?
  2. Do organisms that go through photosynthesis also need to go through cellular respiration?
  3. How is photosynthesis connected to cellular respiration?

Complete this Photosynthesis vs Chemosynthesis & Cellular Respiration Hyperdoc

Cell Division

So far we’ve covered how cells keep living things alive, but what happens when cells die? What happens when the organism needs to grow or repair damaged cells, due to anything that resulted in bleeding or broken bones?

3 types of Cell Division

What you must know about these concepts

  1. What is the basic difference between them all?
  2. Which type of division is down in prokaryotes?
  3. What type of division is done for growth and repair?
  4. Which type of division is done to create gametes?
  5. What cells or cell types go through each process?
  6. How the 1 stage of Mitosis compares to the 2 stages of Meiosis?

Answer to the cell question: EGGS! The egg is the largest single cell in the female body. Why are eggs from egg laying animals so big?